Better betting platform is a website that provides up-to-the-minute sport betting odds, feeds, articles and tips. It hosts live gaming information for the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, Boxing, and MMA fighting.

Aiming to improve the platform, issues relating to devlopment cycle and core features were identified. There was a fundamental issue of poor development process being utilized for new features. A payment processing system was also needed to handle the website transactions and associated data. A refund system also needed to be included to account for purchasable predictions.

Our solution

To improve development processes for, we introduced several technical enhancments for the platform and implemented good development practices such as agile software development, TDD (Test-Driven Development) and DDD (Domain-Driven Design). Technical improvements included database migrations, code linters and unit tests.

A payment processing system with a client-side step-by-step checkout process and automated subscription mode was developed. This system was integrated with Authorize.NET. It also includes management for a prediction service that is either retained or refunded based on the outcome of the prediction. The subscription renewal also allows for different combinations of packages and rules.

This system also allows for detailed stats and reports of transactions to be generated for administrators and users.

User registration was also improved with verification and an integrated Facebook login.


The improved quality assurance measures quickly lead to the easier application maintenance and improved workflow. The reporting for payments and game outcomes also helped adminstrators with better insight into cash flow and user activity. Active user sessions and engagement increased due to the enhanced signin options.