Connecticut Society of CPAs


Design a mobile portal.

The Connecticut state society of CPAs (CTCPA) is the statewide, professional membership organization representing over 6,000 Connecticut CPAs in public practice, industry, government and education. The CTCPA website hosts comprehensive educational tools and community outreach information for it’s members.

Although members were satisfied with these tools, there was a problem with the existing infrastructure upon which they were built. The website was designed for desktop usage. This increasingly became cumbersome to the membership that was fast adopting mobile devices and needed access to these services on the go.

CTCPA was interested in introducing a mobile version of their website to accommodate their members' growing needs. Our team was tasked with directing the visual design and asset production for this mobile portal.

Our solution

Research of the user-base needs, device demographics and traffic engagement indicated key service sections that members actively utilized. A large content base and the existing navigational menu did not allow for quick access to these key sections. Pairing down the existing home page with a layout displaying context based items was required. While maintaining the company branding was critical to CTCPA, there was also a mandate to add visual improvements where possible.

Together with CTCPA, we went about identifying core items and areas they were interested in promoting. We used this list to set up a home page layout. A quick link to the main website was also introduced for members that were interested in expanding to full view. Custom icons were also paired with the section listing to improve the visuals and break monotony.

The page listings were styled to comport with device specific spacing and added contrast to page elements for improved readability. Alert dialogs were also restyled to better hold a users attention.


CTCPA reported increased engagement of members with the website and services after the launch. They also reported previously neglected areas showing increased visitation and decreased support tickets involving navigation issues.