Complete MD

Complete MD

Visual design for a medical services company

Complete.MD is a software platform for medical services and patient management. The Complete.MD system is made up of several modules that include patient registration, point of sale, patient informed consent, patient education, appointment scheduling, online referrals and patient management.

They were looking for a total design overhaul to compliment the recent upgrades in their systems software and services. We were tasked with creating branding for the main platform and service types, design and front-end development for the website and UI design with graphic assets for the point-of-sale portion of the platform.

Our solution

We developed several logo concepts centered around the idea of continuity. The final logo chosen was one the staff felt most embodied this idea. An application icon and product type graphics were also created.

The main website was designed showcasing a rotating banner featuring benfits of the flagship software. A dedicated page listing the complete suite with description was also added. The flagship product also came with it's own sub site featuring a coupon search tool and information on latest prescriptions.


The new branding allowed to customize each of their products to visually align with the core company visuals and the product suite. As a result, Complete.MD was able to reduce launch timelines by quickly matching all new products to the branding of the existing catalog. Branching out of the flagship product also allowed to compliment their marketing and sales efforts with a targeted information source.