Broker IDX

Broker IDX

Custom services integration is a broker management and real estate website system. It hosts fully integrated and indexable IDX/MLS listings for broker and agent websites. The Broker IDX CRM has a range of features focused on lead and customer management. Unlike free and plugin based IDX solutions, Broker IDX helps agents and brokers promote their own services and retain their website visitors.

Broker IDX was looking to integrate the Broker IDX CRM with Zillow Tech Connect API. This would allow Broker IDX CRM to import and manage leads from Zillow. Zillow sends notifications about new contacts using Amazon SNS. Broker IDX system would receive this message using the HTTP/HTTPS endpoint, unpack the message and store the result.

Our Solution

An important requirement of this task was to develop a solution as an independent module where testing and maintenance could occur independent of the BIDX platform. Due to Zillow's strict testing policy, development also was done in a sandbox environment and had to be tested rigorously before being moved into production.

The process diagram above details the life cycle of a Zillow message. Zillow initially pushes a lead message to Amazon SNS service which handles queueing, delivery and failure protocols. When successful, Amazon SNS pushes the lead message to BIDX Zillow module. This module accepts the message, verifies, unpacks and modifies it to fit BIDX's lead format. The message is then stored by BIDX to be linked to an appropriate brokage or agent. BIDX Zillow module then replies back to the Amazon SNS with success/fail status.


BIDX relies on various sources for lead generation and Zillow, now being one of the largest real estate marketplaces in the world, has increasingly become integral for BIDX users. The implementation of this module has improved user experience for BIDX members and added value for the platform by consolidating lead management on the platform and preventing users from having to switch between BIDX and Zillow.