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Our Process


Get to know your business

We gather project requirements, ideas, and concerns. Through dialogue, we work to get the big picture goals and how you see us helping achieve them.


Creating a detailed specification

Based on initial research, we create a detailed specification which includes all project requirements, goals, functionality and use cases. The specification will identify the problems and present our solutions. The specification also provides project deliverables and timelines.


Brainstorming & Wireframing

Once solutions are detailed and the target identified, we begin work on user workflows and wireframes. These are skeletal outlines of the project that establish user interactions and overall experience of a product. While our designer is focused on delivering a clear UX, development will brainstorm solutions for all technical and structural challenges.


Design & Development

Art and design work is produced based on wireframes, with careful attention to detail and following best practices. Once approved, we progress into development. We make short development iterations which are deployed on a staging server at the end of each iteration. This allows a client's feedback immediately and for quick adjustments as needed.


Going live

After a series of quality assurance tests on the production server, the project goes live.


Support & Maintenance

After project delivery, we offer full, ongoing support and maintenance. We are always happy to create a long-term partnership and ensure longevity of the product.

Tools & Technologies